About us

• The purpose of the portal is to help the lender and the loan applicant find each other.
• If no suitable one was found among the active advertisements, click the “Add advertisement” button.
• If you want to give a loan or get a loan, place your advert on the portal with suitable interest and conditions and wait until the other party contacts you.
• When finding a suitable lender or applicant, agree on the remaining conditions for concluding the transaction.
• We deactivate advertisements that have not been completed in accordance with good practice and we are not obliged to return the money spent on the message.
• If you want to deactivate your advert yourself, you must enter the same code with which you activated it in the box.
• Various investors, individuals and companies can offer and take loans on our portal.
• The portal (www.laenuportaal.ee) is a place where the lender and the borrower meet at their own risk, the portal is not responsible for or guarantees the transaction
for occurrence or non-occurrence.

The loan portal wishes you a pleasant use of the environment!